This was the third year we participated at Stroke Art Fair in Munich. This event always feels really special to us, as we have been fans of the art fair long before we started actually exhibiting. And being able to come back as exhibitor for the third time in a row, makes this even more special for us as it almost feels like home to our Art.

We really enjoy the combination and connection between the various creative forms of expression such as painting, photography, illustration, design, music and fashion.

It is a place for open minded and emancipated human beings, an inclusive place where everyone can come and enjoy art together.

The Art

We always want to do something special for Stroke Art Fair, so this year, S.Weller exhibited a new series of modern impressionistic paintings with strong and vivid colours capturing a special atmosphere of places and emotions.

The Experience

We had so much fun! It was such a great experience to participate again. Meeting lots of amazing people, connecting with fellow artists, having so many amazing conversations with so many people visiting was almost overwhelming.

We really enjoyed our time.


This years participation was magical on so many levels. We connected with friends and family, made new friends, talked about art and life for ages, and we also sold some art.

It is such a great feeling when my paintings find a place in a new home and become part of their everyday life. And it always feels so special when you realize in the conversations that your customers connect with your art on an emotional level. Art is just such an amazing bridge, connecting hearts and emotions.

THANK YOU for making my art part of your life and becoming part of our Sundays are for Art family!