Welcome to Sundays are for Art. We are Stephanie (S.Weller) and Stephan (Stepep Music) and our passion is creating art and music. Both of us work full time jobs, but our Sundays are reserved for painting, creating music and playing live sets. This is the place where we want to share our passion with you.

Every now and then, you can watch us live on Twitch, or meet us at live events.

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending my Sundays in front a brand new and blank canvas, creating art. While every painting I create is a constant struggle between dreams and reality there is nothing I would rather be doing. It helps me to clear my mind, get lost in creativity and gain new strength for the week ahead.

I paint with Oil and Acryl directly on Canvas, as I love the connection to something real and the consequences as each step has an effect that cannot be undone.

One of the most relaxing things for me on a Sunday is to work on music. Blending sounds from classic house, deep and chill to soul and garage, I feel that my music takes on a style of its own.

I have participated in the Toolroom Academy Production Certificate in 2018 and the Toolroom Academy Creativity Unlocked course in 2019 and constant learning is part of my DNA, and you can hear this in my music. I am looking forward to sharing my progress here with you.