Hi everyone and welcome to Sundays are for Art.

We are Stephanie (S.Weller) and Stephan (Stepep Music) and our passion is creating art. Both of us work full time jobs, but our Sundays are reserved for painting and creating music or playing DJ sets. This is the place where we want to share our art with you.

We had the idea of this for so long, but never really got around to finally creating a place to share all of this in one place, and under one brand. Sundays are for Art perfectly combines our passion, and we are so happy to have finally launched this idea.

Sundays are for Art Logo, Picture of a Bird and and the Slogan underneath.

We have a ton of great ideas for this and the first projects are already lined up. We will share more on these in just a little while, but for today, we just wanted to share a bit about us.

Stephanie or S.Weller is painting Oil and Acryl directly on Canvas.

While every painting is a constant struggle between dreams and reality, there is nothing more relaxing for her than painting on a Sunday.

No matter if she is drawing people, landscapes or abstract ideas, every painting always aims at transporting and conserving a certain emotion.

Stephan or Stepep Music is a producer and DJ. Since the 90s he played electronic music as a DJ in Clubs.

He participated in the Toolroom Academy Production Certificate in 2018 and the Toolroom Academy Creativity Unlocked course in 2019 and constant learning is part of his DNA.

You can hear his influences in his blends of classic house, deep and chill to soul and garage music and take on a style of its own.

With Sundays are for Art we are now giving our passion a new home. A place where the combination of painting and music can influence each other under one roof. We are super excited about this journey and hope we can share our first projects with you really soon.

Have a great Sunday everyone,

Cheers, Stephanie & Stephan

4 Replies to “Welcome to Sundays are for Art”

  1. Hi Steffi, hallo Stephan, very cool your concept/page/blog. I LIKE. The right step :-)!!! Congrats. With all your creativity AND power it‘ll be a success. All the best Susanne

    1. Thank you so much Susanne. We had this in our head for quite a long time and are so happy to finally get this started. We are in the middle of preparing for our first art fair as well, that will happen in May in Munich. We will share more information about this real soon, and would be super happy to see you and your family there. Have a great Sunday, Stephanie & Stephan

    1. Thank you so much for the Feedback! Lots of fun work went into this and there is still so much more to come! Thank you for your support!
      Have a great start in the new week!
      Stephanie & Stephan

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