We take daily walks through the woods to find balance to our daily work routine. It is such a blessing to live close to nature and being able to experience the beauty nature has to offer at all times of the year. We have experienced so many beautiful and emotional moments during these walks that we wanted to capture these in a series of paintings and music.

Following we will walk you through our thoughts and emotions for the Music and the pantings we created:

Track 1: Rainy Day

The first Track of the upcoming EP, Lost in the Woods is called Rainy Day. It is an organic & deep track that transports the emotion of a walk through the woods on or after a rainy day. This experience just has a certain smell, a certain emotion that is very special to me.

Track 2: Little Bird

Little Bird is a happy and positive house music track that reflects the cheerful singing of birds that you can often hear in nature early in the morning. When occasional chirping and tweeting becomes singing, it is such a beautiful moment to experience in nature.

This was an experience that influenced both of us, so we just had to create a painting as well as a song to this. The Bird from the painting actually became our Sundays are for Art Logo as we liked it so much.

Track 3: Into the Night

Into the Night is an organic house music track that reflects the change from Day to Night, where the noise of your surroundings starts to disappear, and the sound of the Forrest comes to live.

It also serves as an analogy for our always on and always connected world.
It is so easy to just grab your mobile and check your mails, or your instant messages, or your social feeds.

While it is so powerful and beautiful to being connected to the entire world 24/7, we are often missing the time to connect with ourselves.
We are missing the opportunity to really immerse ourselves in the full experience of what surrounds us and breathe it all in, pay attention to how we feel.

Track 4: Firefly

Firefly is a deep and dark organic house music track that will seduce you to follow that Firefly deep into the woods. Again, the Firefly is used as an analogy here for your own thoughts that can drag you deep to that dark place.

Track 5: Bloom

After two darker Tracks with Into the Night and Firefly I wanted to finish the EP with a Track that is sounding hopeful, and with a positive outlook.
Bloom is that amazing time of the year where Nature comes back to life, and your own thoughts turn from dark to light and hopeful.
Natural and emotional Pianos and Strings evolve and progress throughout the Track until all elements come to a full bloom.

Track 6: Sunlight

Originally, I wanted to end this EP after the Track Bloom, as I feel it has such a positive, emotional, and hopeful ending.
But when listening to the EP, I felt that the character of the entire EP was a bit too dark, and I really wanted to end on a high note.

Sunlight is exactly the right Track to complete and close this EP.
A chirping arpeggio, a hopeful piano, and some dancing strings, accompanied by a driving beat, will end the listening experience full of positive emotions.

All Paintings from the original Lost in the Woods Series

Presave is available

If you like the previews of the Lost in the Woods EP from Stepep Music you can now presave the EP on you favorite platform via this Link from the 25th of April:

Lost in the Woods by Stepep

More platfoms will appear on this over the next days, so keep checking back if your favorite music platform was not in there today.

See the paintings Live

If you are in the Munich Area you can come visit us at the STROKE Art Fair from the 19th of May until the 22nd of May 2022 at the Praterinsel in Munich, Germany in Haus 3 and see these and many more paintings live.

You can find more information about STROKE via their Website: