Stroke Art Fair Entrance

From the 19th – until the 22nd of May S.Weller presented her Art for the first time ever live at the Stroke Art Fair that happened at the Praterinsel in Munich.

We have always been big fans of this Art Fair due to its combination and connection between the various creative forms of expression. Painting, photography, illustration, design, music, and fashion all reflecting the most important cultural changes of the 21st century.

With their love for new art and their support for open minded and emancipated human beings, the Stroke Art Fair has always been an inclusive place where everyone can come and enjoy art together.

The perfect place for us to showcase the broad portfolio of S.Weller.

Stroke Art Fair Promotion

If you only have a couple of minutes, this is the really short summary:

To make it short, it was an amazing experience for us. We are so happy that we had the opportunity to be part of this amazing event. Even a week later we are still overwhelmed by all the emotions and all the inspiration that we had during those four days. Starting with an excellent organization by the lovely Nevi and Marco from Stroke, the many visitors that came and visited us at our booth and all the amazing feedback they had for us. So many friends and family members came to support onsite, and we enjoyed talking to every single one of you. And finally, it was amazing to meet so many talented artists in one place and talk to all of you. We felt welcomed and supported by all of you the moment we first stepped on the Praterinsel. With every day it felt more like you all became friends and family and it feels amazing to be part of the Stroke family. Thank you all for making these four days so special for us.

What we presented

Instead of focusing on one specific topic or style, we wanted to use this event to showcase a large variety of S.Wellers portfolio and display a variety of pieces.

Emotional Portraits

In todays society there is a tendency that you need to be positive all the time. Just by looking at your social media feed, or talking with your friends or colleagues, it is easy to see that positivity is always favored.

Remember the songs: „Don’t worry be happy“ and „Always look on the bright side of life“?

Positivity can be a powerful mindset but forcing yourself to be positive all the time can become draining real quick.

Sometimes feeling blue, can be just as powerful. It allows us to connect with our feelings, our emotions and thoughts on a much deeper level.

We are way to multidimensional to be positive all the time.

Accepting and embracing all emotions allows us to experience our lives more fully.

With this series of paintings I wanted to show that beauty lies in all emotions.

01. My Blue Sophie – Original (2021) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 150 x 100

02. Who am I? – Original (2021) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 100 x 100

03. No Joke(R) – Original (2021) | Oil | Canvas | Format 120 x 100

04. Lost In My Mind – Original (2021) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 150 x 100

05. Out of the Shadow – Original (2022) | Oil | Canvas | Format 150 x 200

Lost in the Woods

We enjoy going for daily walks in nature and draw inspiration from the soothing peace and quiet of nature. Especially during the Corona Pandemic, we used the time we would have usually spend commuting to and from work to spend even more time in nature.

This series shows the different animals that we have seen on our daily walks and also the associated moods. When returning from our walks, our heads are always filled with inspiration and creative energy for the day.

01 – Little Bird – Original (2021) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 140 x 70

02 – Follow the Rabbit – Original (2021) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 140 x 70

03 – Fasan(tic) – Original (2021) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 140 x 70

04 – Oh Deer – Original (2021) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 140 x 70

05 – Trusted Companion – Original (2022) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 100 x 40

06 – Daydreaming – Original (2022) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 100 x 40


Like everyone else we create tons of vacation pictures when travelling. But there is always that one place that we connect with on an emotional level and that we both have in our mind when we think back to those travels.

These paintings repesent those places, memories, and impressions.

01 – Budapest – Original (2020) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 100 x 100

02 – Red Light Illusion (Amsterdam) – Original (2020) | Acryl | Canvas | Format 100 x 100


It was amazing to see and hear all of your reactions to the various paintings. There where 115 amazing artists to see at Stroke and you chose to spend time with us talking about art and your emotions when viewing these paintings. We went to bed every night with a huge smile on our faces because of your kind feedback and to this day we still get chills just thinking back to all those conversations. Thank you for spending your time with us.

115 amazing Artists exhibited at Stroke

In total there where 115 Artists at Stroke, and it was amazing to meet so many of you in person and talk about art. To be honest, before arriving at Stroke we where not sure about the interconnections between the artists, but it only took a minute to realize that we are all connected by art, and you made us feel at home right away. And with every day that we spend together our connection felt more like friendship. And for that, we want to say Thank You. A very special Thank you goes to Robert Pointner, who we shared our exhibition Room with. That was a match made in heaven.


This was our first exhibition ever. The first time we presented the Art of S.Weller to a broad audience and it was such an amazing experience. Looking back at Stroke 2022, we are so happy that we took the plunge and decided to exhibit. We have learned so many things during the process and we are full of emotions and inspiration after four amazing days.

I could continue writing about this for days, but I want to close this Post with one final Thank You.

Thank you to all visitors, thank you to our family and friends for your support and Thank you to all exhibitors for making us part of the STROKE Family.

We are already looking forward to Stroke 2023 with all of you.