I really love working on commission paintings. They always push me out of my comfort zone, make me explore techniques and topics I have not worked with before and I can learn so many new things along the way.

It is such a great journey, and this commission work was no different.

Our clients and friends approached us at this years Stroke Art Fair and first expressed the idea of me painting their loved horses. I was a bit unsure at first as I had never painted horses before and wasn’t sure what to do with the idea.


But after thinking about this for a little bit, I had a painting in my mind that would focus on the horses temper and would show them in a bit of an abstract movement.


While I had some pictures of the two horses that I could work with, we also wanted to see the two in real life to truly capture their spirit and energy. So, we went to visit them and could see them live in action.
And to be honest, witnessing their temperament was quite an impressive sight to see.
We did take some pictures, however, as both of us where quite surprised about their temper, they did not turn out quite as good as we hoped. 😉

But nevertheless, we gathered lots of impressions that day, that I wanted to include in the painting.


With all these impressions in our minds, I got back and started sketching and I must have created way over ten different options. After we narrowed it down to our favorite options, we went back and decided together on this sketch.

Final Painting

I started painting and have to say that I went back and forth with this one, tried so many new and different things, but in the end, I am super happy with the final result. Click on the picture for a full screen view.

Final Painting


Before we finally said goodbye to our two new equestrian friends that we spent so much time with, we wanted to give the painting its final touch and had it framed from our friends at Rahmen Lachner.

While the painting works beautifully by itself, we felt that a frame would complement it, especially considering the area of the living room that was planned for the painting.

We quickly found the perfect frame and could not wait to see the result once framed.

When we presented the final and framed painting to our clients, it was amazing to see their happy faces and all the emotions when they were finally able to hang it on their wall.

But see for yourself.


This commission pushed me way out of my comfort zone, and I learned so many new things, but that is what also made it such an amazing and fun experience.
Creating this was an amazing journey and seeing the smiles, reactions, and emotions as we handed over the final framed painting was a wonderful experience.

If you are also looking for a special painting for yourself or as a present, just send me a quick mail and we will get in touch with you.